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Top 5 Tips For A Healthy Smile During Pregnancy

Many moms-to-be don’t realize that their oral health matters a great deal during pregnancy. In fact, how you care for your teeth can affect the health of your child after it’s born. Studies show that expecting mothers with periodontal disease or gum disease are 18% more likely to have premature births and babies born with
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Putting the “Family” in Family Practice

At SMA Dental, we really pride ourselves in taking family dentistry to another level. Both Dr. Marin and Dr. Sotoodeh have been married now for years with their happy family of pups, and following in his father’s footsteps, Dr. Alex Schmoter joins Dr. Richard Schmoter in working side by side for our patients better oral
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Your Dentist Got A Makeover!

What’s Different About The Dentist Near Me? For starters, the dentists of SMA Dental are looking pretty hip these days with their brand new website! To best serve patients both in the office and online, the team has worked hard to take the hassle out of dentistry, just for you. New Features To Indulge In:
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