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What to Expect as Our Patient

At SMA Dental, we take the time to provide each of our patients with a thorough and comprehensive initial exam. This includes a review of medical and dental history, an oral exam, checking head and neck muscles as well as TMJ, and performing oral cancer and sleep apnea screenings.

We evaluate the bite, jaw movements and the health of teeth and gums, and take intraoral and extraoral photos so patients can see what we see. Collecting and sharing this knowledge with our patients is essential for two reasons: First and foremost, our approach centers around patient education. We understand how important it is for your comfort to know exactly how a procedure works and what to expect. That’s why we’re always here to explain and guide you through any treatment. Secondly, we believe in treating the patient, not just the tooth.

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Finance & Insurance Options

We are proud to offer 3rd party lenders for all your dental financing needs. Lending Club and CareCredit are proven industry leaders, and offer financing options that work for you.

The benefits:

  • No down payments
  • High acceptance rates
  • Payment plans up to 60 months
  • 6 – 18 months interest free

We want to help you attain and maintain a healthy smile, and are committed to ensuring that you get the dental services you need. That means working together to find a plan that works best for you. Please feel free to call or stop in to learn more.

Post-Op Instructions

Is it time to consider a wisdom tooth extraction? Are you in need of a root canal? Should you require a dental procedure that requires some aftercare, here is where you’ll find instructions to guide you through the first 24 to 48 hours at home following your surgery.  We’ll help you heal quickly and answer any questions you may have!


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