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Crowns and Bridges

What to Expect

If you need help selecting an ideal method of tooth replacement, our team at SMA Dental is available to walk you through your options.

Whether your teeth have been lost, pulled, or broken, we can restore your smile!

Impacts of Missing Teeth

Aside from affecting your self-esteem, tooth loss can have negative impacts on your oral health. When a tooth is lost, adjacent teeth begin to shift inward in an attempt to close the gap. This can compromise the alignment of your bite, and is why restoring your missing teeth with crowns, bridges or dental implants is so important. Any new misalignment can lead to many other complex or costly dental problems such as TMJ, gum disease or teeth grinding.

For missing, discolored or cracked teeth, dental crowns and bridges offer a natural looking, long-term solution.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown has a few different applications, but it’s most often used to restore a severely decayed tooth. After filling a large cavity or having a root canal, the tooth is capped with a crown.

Crowns are also used in conjunction with dental bridges. They become the anchors for the bridge and are essential in tooth loss restoration. These crowned teeth are called abutment teeth and are on either side of the gap.

Crowns are typically made of ceramic or porcelain, and when made by Sean Han, our local premier laboratory technician, you’ll receive one-of-a-kind ceramic work that’s expertly crafted to match your natural smile.

Why Do I Need to Replace Missing Teeth?

In addition to helping prevent future dental issues such as additional tooth loss, gum disease, or a misaligned bite, gum disease the benefits of dental crowns run the gamut. Crowns and Bridges are perfect if you need to…

Improve the appearance of a stained, misshapen, or discolored tooth

Repair a damaged or chipped tooth or tooth

Replace one or more teeth with a crown and bridge or dental implant

Dental Bridges

A bridge replaces the gap between missing teeth with the help of dental crowns. The teeth on either side of the gap, also known as abutments, are capped and work as anchors to stabilize the bridge of prosthetic teeth.

Dental bridges are great for patients who need to replace their missing teeth, and either don’t want a removable partial denture, or are not ideal candidates for dental implants. If you find yourself in this position, a dental bridge can also offer:

  • Improved functionality and structure of your teeth
  • Better support for your bite
  • A restored smile that will last years with good oral hygiene and regular cleanings


At SMA Dental, we use the latest technology and most outstanding local labs to restore your smile, quickly and accurately. Using the Trios Intraoral Scanner, we can take a quick scan of your upper and lower teeth and produce digital images in minutes. This combined with smile design gives us pin-point accuracy when creating your crowns and prosthetics. We also take high quality photos to match tooth color exactly, giving you the most natural looking smile possible.

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